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September 17, 2021

90 ICS students and 6 faculty and staff to attend 2021 Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference

Female students attend on BRAID Initiative funding award.

Thanks to an award from the BRAID (Building Recruiting And Inclusion for Diversity) Initiative, which aims to increase the percentage of women and students of color in computer science, the UC Irvine Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) will be sending 90 of its female undergraduate and graduate students to the 2021 Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC).

“GHC will be a great venue for our ICS women to network, collaborate and find mentors among an inspiring community of women technologists from around the world,” said Sharnnia Artis, assistant dean of access and inclusion. “This is an especially important opportunity for the freshman and first-year transfer students we are sending.”

The GHC 2021 virtual conference will be held on Sept. 27-Oct. 1 and is produced by the Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology and presented in partnership with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). GHC is considered the world's largest gathering of women technologists with more than 30,000 registered attendees.

In addition to the 90 ICS students, UCI will be sending 5 staff and faculty members who are dedicated to closing the gender gap in information and computer sciences, including Kris Bolcer, ICS director of student affairs; Gregory Diggs-Yang, assistance director of access and inclusion; Jessica Shanahan, program manager of Master of Computer Science; Connie Cheng, program director of Master of Software Engineering; Jennifer Wong-Ma, associate professor of teaching; and Bryan Munoz, program manager of Master of Data Science.

Congratulations to the following 90 ICS students who will be attending GHC 2021:

  • Aimee Bui
  • Alyssa Muldong
  • Amna Nadeem
  • Angeline Pho
  • Anne Wang
  • Anushka Cherian
  • Areeta Wong
  • Ashika Sethuraman
  • Becky Dinh
  • Beverly Quon
  • Caitlin Loh
  • Cam Nhung Tran
  • Caroline Bostwick
  • Christine Nguyen
  • Citlali Gutierrez
  • Crystal Lee
  • Dingyi Chang
  • Duong Vu
  • Elise Jang
  • Erin Wu
  • Farrah Galal
  • Fatima Ali
  • Fazilet Cilli
  • Fnu Jyotpreet
  • Goda Devi Addanki
  • Grace Manning
  • Hang Cao
  • Harshini Mangipudi
  • Helen Pham
  • Hina Arora
  • Hoang (Misa) Nguyen
  • Hunter Trigo
  • Ileen FanIrene Chang
  • Jacqueline Thai
  • Jeniffer Bui
  • Jesslin Elsa Joseph
  • Joseph Gu
  • Justine Chou
  • Kai Li Tan
  • Kaitlyn Suzuki
  • Kalyani Asthana
  • Karime Frias
  • Kasey Chuang
  • Katherine Hubeny
  • Kerri Zhang
  • Khushi Valia
  • Kimberly Barrueta
  • Kundana Pillari
  • Leticia Alvarado-Franco
  • Lisbet Alvarez
  • Megha Kak
  • Meghna Islam
  • Melissa Lau
  • Melissa Wong
  • Michelle Lin
  • Mignon April Lee
  • Monique Houston
  • Muskaan Chugh
  • Navdha Jindal
  • Nicole Iftekhar
  • Paridhi Sirohi
  • Peng Luo
  • Persis Shah
  • Qingshuang (Susie) Su
  • Regina Washington
  • Rianne Charisse Palecpec
  • Ritu Jha
  • Rochelle Nixon
  • Sakshi Patil
  • Samanta Hernandez
  • Sanjana Magidewar
  • Sarah Nassery
  • Shannon Chian-Hsuan Liou
  • Sharifa Jesmin
  • Sharon Ladron De Guevara Contreras
  • Shin Min Thu
  • Shuqing Ye
  • Sindhu Singamneni
  • Sue Yen Tan
  • Sydnee Tan
  • Tanya Lohiya
  • Tanya Sreenagesh
  • Tiffany Wu
  • Varshini Bhaskaran
  • Victoria Winn
  • Vikasni Kalahasthi
  • Vivian Lin
  • Zoya Hajee

The BRAID initiative launched in September 2014 in partnership with universities across the nation to increase the percentage of women and students of color majoring in computer science. Each university committed to a set of approaches to increase diversity within their computer science departments. Each department also committed to providing data for a research study that will document the progress made over the course of three years. UC Irvine is one of only 15 Building Recruiting And Inclusion for Diversity Initiative institutions to proudly receive BRAID funding and the only school from the University of California family to be BRAID affiliated.

90 ICS students and 6 faculty and staff to attend 2021 Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference

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