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December 22, 2016

Most talked about video games on campus for 2016

If you were wondering what the most popular games on the UC Irvine campus were this year, then look no further. We spoke with UCI eSports Arena Coordinator Kathy Chiang (B.S., Computer Game Science, ’16) about the most played and talked about games on campus this year.


The Game: Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s set in the future — a future many gamers will tell you is worth fighting for several hours each day. Matches are intense, highly stylized showdowns between you, friends and internet rivals.

The Draw: Overwatch is thrilling to play and brings joy to all. That said, it’s the kind of game that supports teamwork and makes a good time with good friends even better. Plus, there are holiday skins to download for free!

Kathy’s Take: “Overwatch is probably our most popular game in the arena; it's hard to tell if there are more people playing the new FPS or League of Legends.”

Battlefield 1

The Game: Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter developed by DICE that is now in its 15th installment of the franchise. This epic military series transports players into the World War I this time around.

The Draw: With the option of single or multiplayer, Battlefield I provides a compelling story that makes a player feel as though they are really transported back in time, not simply looking back. The game has plenty of flexibility for players to explore WWI.

Kathy’s Take:Battlefield 1 has also been performing well, especially since everyone in the arena can play the game for free.”

Dark Souls III

The Game: Dark Souls III is the third installment of the fantasy role-playing game by developers FromSoftware with sufficient amounts of brutal, merciless game play.

The Draw: The story and the world design, both dark and treacherous, easily draw players back into its trademarked sorcery and sword combat. Not to mention the challenging, yet encouraging level design that allows players to discover their own paths towards completion.

Kathy’s Take:Dark Souls III was a huge success on release, but since few people played the game in the arena, we plan to remove the game from the computers over the winter break. We've found that most people come to the arena to play socially and with friends, so despite the game's popularity, I haven't seen it played much.”

Rounding out the 10 most popular games around campus for 2016:

Other notable games:

Let us know what your top games were for 2016 by taking our online survey.

— Katherine Li Smith
Most talked about video games on campus for 2016

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