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December 12, 2017

Eppstein Shares Research at Conferences in Australia, Canada and Tokyo

Chancellor’s Professor of Computer Science David Eppstein presented material from his forthcoming book, Forbidden Configurations in Discrete Geometry, in an invited plenary talk at the 5th International Combinatorics Conference (5ICC) in Melbourne, Australia, on Dec. 7. The International Combinatorics Conference is a mathematics conference held approximately every 10 years. The previous conference was in 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Forbidden Configurations in Discrete Geometry is scheduled to be published by Cambridge University Press in April 2018. One of the main problems included in the book, finding convex polygons within larger sets of points in the plane, has an Australian connection: two of the mathematicians who first studied it, Esther Klein and George Szekeres, married each other and moved to Australia.

Eppstein has previously spoken about the same material in the Paul Erdös Memorial Lecture at the Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry (CCCG), held in Ottawa, Canada in July 2017, and in an invited plenary lecture at the 20th Japan Conference in Discrete and Computational Geometry, Graphs, and Games (JCDCG3), held in Tokyo in August 2017.

Eppstein Shares Research at Conferences in Australia, Canada and Tokyo

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