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May 6, 2019

2019 Game Developers Week Kicks Off May 13

This year’s Game Developers Week will take place from May 13-16 at the UCI Student Center from 6-8 p.m. Hosted by the Video Game Development Club (VGDC) at UCI, Game Developers Week brings industry professionals to campus to talk to students about life and work in the game industry. VGDC promises free pizza and interesting talks for everyone, from the technical to the more artistically inclined.

The week kicks off Monday, May 13, in the Doheny Beach A room with two talks:

  • Nima Fakhrara, the composer for “Detroit: Become Human,” “Resident Evil Revelations 2” and “1979 Revolution”
  • Collin Gilbert, lead designer for “Diablo” at Blizzard Entertainment

May 14 will feature four speakers from Riot Games in Doheny Beach A:

  • Jo Graylock, senior game designer and UCI/VGDC alumnus
  • Geoff Marsi, associate technical game designer
  • Lynda Tang, associate technical designer
  • Tea Chang, associate experience designer

May 15 features two speakers from Blizzard Entertainment in Emerald Bay AB:

  • Nikki Crenshaw ’17, UX researcher and ICS alumna
  • Gary Platner, principal level designer for “World of Warcraft”

The event concludes on May 16 with two talks in Emerald Bay DE:

  • Lianne Papp, executive producer at Turtle Rock Studios
  • Dan Reed, senior software engineer on the “Overwatch” team at Blizzard Entertainment

Visit the Game Developers Week website for more information on the event.
2019 Game Developers Week Kicks Off May 13

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