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May 28, 2020

UCI News

#IamUCI: Meet Rosetta Hanako Pendleton, Class of 2020!

As a student at Honolulu’s Kalani High School, Rosetta Pendleton imagined her future life. Since she had always performed well at school, she considered a career as an educator. “Then a friend told me, ‘Rosy, you could be anything you want to be; you could work at Google!’” says Pendleton, who had never imagined that someone from a low-income, small-community background could have access to a job in the technology world. She decided that the right path involved studying computer science at UCI. The first-generation college student had to endure significant hardship to pay out-of-state tuition and move herself and her mother to the mainland, but it all paid off. In the fall, Pendleton is starting work at her dream company, Google. She’s also planning to pursue another passion – computational linguistics – as a graduate student at the University of Washington: “I want to work on technology to improve speech and text processors so they can better understand natural language, the kind of speech you hear in Hawaii, where people speak a mix of native tongues as well as English, Portuguese and Japanese.”

Originally posted on UCI News.
#IamUCI: Meet Rosetta Hanako Pendleton, Class of 2020!

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