What is the ICS Helpdesk?

The Helpdesk is a service of the ICS Computing Support Group. The purpose of the Helpdesk is to provide a single point of contact and record for technical support requests from ICS faculty, staff, and students.


Why a Helpdesk?

  • To improve the communications between the people who need services and the people who provide services.
  • To organize service requests to ensure prompt and complete service.
  • To simplify service request history through the database underneath RT.
  • To increase services by allowing other groups within the School to use RT.


How does one get service?

by e-mail:
by telephone:

(949) 824-4222

Monday-Friday: 8AM-11:30AM and 1:00PM-5PM

Closed for University holidays; messages left activate page notification

by visiting CS 346:

Monday- Friday 8AM-11:30AM and 12:30PM-5PM

Closed for University holidays


How does the ICS Helpdesk work?

The ICS Helpdesk uses a program called Request Tracker (RT).  The RT system assigns a unique number to each ticket, which helps keep track of each help request.  Critical to the success of the Helpdesk, every request must be input to RT to be assigned a ticket number, whether the request originates as an e-mail message, phone message, or walk-in visit.  A general outline of the process follows.

    • E-mail messages sent to are automatically input to RT and assigned a ticket number (#3 for purposes of this explanation).
    • The Helpdesk analyst on duty will triage the ticket and assign it to the appropriate technician.
    • Once the ticket is assigned to a technician, the sender of the original request will be notified of the ticket number by e-mail.
    • Adding new information to the ticket is as simple as sending another e-mail to with this contained in the subject line of the message: [ #3]
      Please include the square brackets [ ] or simply reply to the original message leaving the subject line intact.
    • If the technician cannot resolve the request within one working day, the requestor will be notified of the estimated time of completion and an brief explanation of the delay.
    • Once the request is resolved, the ticket will be closed and the requestor will be notified by e-mail.
    • If the ticket is not resolved to the requestor's satisfaction, the ticket can re-opened by responding to the closed ticket message and the ticket, with its original number, will be re-entered into RTs 'open' queue.
    • Helpdesk analysts will be responsible for creating tickets within RT for all telephoned and walk-in requests.
    • Once the ticket is created by the Helpdesk analyst, the process follows the same path as outlined above.


What about e-mail messages sent to

Messages sent to are still monitored.  If appropriate, messages to 'support' will be forwarded to Helpdesk and assigned a ticket number.


RT sounds great, can I use it?

Contact helpdesk for details.