Who to contact
Here is a listing of who to contact for different issues.

Please send mails to helpdesk@ics.uci.edu for questions/problems regarding:

  • Unix/Linux system and software
  • Email, email forwarding
  • Windows system and software
  • Print queues and printer access
  • MSDNAA software
  • ICS account requests and issues
  • Quota information and requests
  • File restoration from H drive (please also refer to How to restore file)

Please send mails to webmaster@ics.uci.edu for:

Please send mails to lab@ics.uci.edu for:

  • ICS instructional lab questions (please also refer to Lab Home Page or visit the lab at CS 364)

Please send mails to oit@uci.edu for:

  • Wireless/remote access to the UCI network
  • General UNIX questions
  • UCI account requests and issues