ICS Email Accounts!

Each member of the ICS community receives an ICS email address of the following form:

Your ICS email is different and separate from your UCI email.  If you have questions regarding your UCInetID or UCI email account, please contact OIT.


Graduate Students, Staff, and Faculty can use either:

ICS Gmail (ICS Google Apps)
ICS email acccounts can be accessed at ICS Google Apps.

ICS IMAP/POP (We will stop delivering in the near future.)


Email Forwarding

Graduate Students/Staff/Faculty

  • Please follow the set up instructions here.

Undergraduate Students

  • Email messages are forwarded to your email address automatically.


Vacation/Spam Filtering 

ICS Gmail (ICS Google Apps)
For users who have already migrated to ICS Gmail, to set automatic out-of-office and vacation replies, please see the instructions here. Spam filtering is provided by Gmail.  You may set your mail forwarding at  Please follow the set up instructions here.

Spam filtering, automatic out-of-office and vacation replies, mail forwarding, and white listing are available on all ICS accounts.  The easiest way to configure your email account is using  


Email Access 

Using a Client

  • Thunderbird: It is the recommended and the only fully supported client at ICS.

        Setting up Thunderbird for ICS Gmail (new)

        Setting up Your Mail Client for ICS Gmail by Google

Setting up Thunderbird for ICS Email

Checking Group Account Email Using Thunderbird

Via the Web


Mailing Lists


ICS Email Servers Information

ICS runs IMAPS and POPS email servers.  Any email client that supports these protocols can be used.

  • Incoming 
    • (recommended)
  • Outgoing
    • (accessible from on-campus connection only or via VPN)
    • (off-campus accessible; please follow instructions 13-16 from OIT)