ICS Google Account Setup


An ICS Google Apps account will be automatically created for all ICS faculty, staff, and graduate students.  

If you are a new user then you need take no additional action.  Your ICS Google Apps account was setup, and your forwarding address was set.  You may login here and access your email.

Please continue on to Setup if you have an existing ICS account.


If you are an existing ICS user, then you will need to login to https://elnino.ics.uci.edu and make two additional changes.  Note: from off-campus locations, you must use the UCI VPN client.

Change your password by clicking on the Change Password button. 

Under forwarding address, select ICS Gmail.   Leave the textbox empty as demonstrated below.

Elnino Password and Forwarding Address Setup


Note:  Faculty may be presented with the following information when logging into elnino.com.  Click on the My Account button, as indicated below, in order to bring up the above page.


ICS Faculty Elnino Presentation