Thunderbird Setup

This tutorial is based on Thunderbird 24.1.0. If you're using a different version, the naming convention may differ, but the settings will remain the same.

  1. Start up Thunderbird for the first time (or go to Tools, Account Settings, Account Actions, Add Mail Account)
  2. In the Mail Account Setup window, enter your name and email address. Enter your password here if you want to have it remembered. Click Continue.
  3. Thunderbird will now attempt to look for the IMAP information. Please make sure that you have IMAP selected.
  4. Click on Manual config in the lower left corner to make sure that the information is as follow:
    • Incoming
      • IMAP
      • Server hostname:
      • Port: 993
      • SSL: SSL/TLS
      • Authentication: Normal password
    • Outgoing
      • UCI SMTP. If you're connecting from a laptop or from off campus, please use the UCI SMTP server settings or your ISP server settings.
        • For UCI SMTP, see settings from step number 7 in the link provided.
      • ICS SMTP. If your machine is in on the UCI-ICS domain, please use the following settings. 
        • Server hostname:
        • Port: 587
        • SSL: STARTTLS
        • Authentication: Normal password
        • Username: <your username>

    advanced window
  5. Click Re-test and then Done
  6. If you did not choose to have your password saved, you will now be prompted to enter your email password.
  7. Go to Tools and select Account Settings
  8. Under Server Settings, click on the Advanced button
    • Make sure that IMAP server directory is empty
    • Uncheck Show only subscribed folders
    • Uncheck Allow server to override these namespaces

    advanced window
  9. This last step is optional. If you have many email messages, you may want to disable Message Synchronizing so that your email loads more quickly.
    • While still on Account Settings window, select Synchronization & Storage
    • Uncheck Keep messages for this account on this computer