Linux Security

With the power and flexibility of UNIX and UNIX variants like Linux come many potential security holes.  To limit the vulnerability of your workstation as well as that of the system, please read the following suggestions and apply the patches appropriate to your particular version of Linux.

General Advice

  • Use a current version of your version of Linux. For example, Red Hat 5.1 is known to be particularly favored by hackers.
  • Apply security patches as soon as they become available. As soon as a vulnerability becomes known, attack kits are posted on the Internet to take advantage of it.
  • Turn off services you do not need. Most versions of Linux come with preconfigured options enabled for things that most people never use. Many of these are popular targets for attack.
  • Look into available tools to prevent break-ins to your workstation.
  • Keep track of your logs for repeated access attempt or other unusual activity. These log files are usually located in the /var/log directory.