Changing your shell

ICS accounts are given bash shell by default, but there are other shells available that users may change to. These other shells offer improvements such as tab completion. To change your shell, please go to the below website (if connecting from off-campus, please start up VPN first).

  1. Go to Password page and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Change Unix (Solaris and Linux) Shell section.
  2. Enter in your ICS username/password and select the shell that you want.
  3. Using PuTTY or other SSH client, login to using your ICS credentials.
  4. Rename your old shell login file for backup. For example, if you already have .cshrc then do

    cp ~/.cshrc ~/.cshrc.old

  5. Copy over a new copy of the login file for the shell that you have chosen:
    • csh

      cp /opt/local/etc/skel/example.cshrc ~/.cshrc

    • tcsh

      cp /opt/local/etc/skel/example.tcshrc ~/.tcshrc

    • bash

      cp /opt/local/etc/skel/example.bashrc ~/.bashrc
      cp /opt/local/etc/skel/example.profile ~/.bash_profile