Announcements Fall 2014

ICS Computing Support  Fall 2014 Announcements

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For future reference, this document will also be available at the following URL:

Copyright Infringement Policy

It is illegal to distribute copyrighted materials, programs, movies, music, and other digital media, without consent of the copyright holder.

If a complaint of copyright infringement is reported involving a computer or IP address assigned to you, your account will be locked until we have a chance to investigate the allegations. If copyrighted materials are found, your adviser (or Graduate Associate Dean) will be notified and you will be counseled regarding the issue. If a second complaint is filed you will be referred to the Dean of Students and the incident will be recorded in your permanent file. A third complaint will result in a recommendation that you be removed from the program.

Additional information regarding campus copyright policy can be found here:

Email Delivery to

ICS faculty, staff and graduate students that have not already specified an alternate email delivery point are encouraged to do so now. ICS Computing Support will eliminate local email delivery and IMAP access to new email. Mail sent to your will be resent to the alternate email delivery point. Spam and virus scanning, space management and client access to email will be provided by your alternative email provider. ICS Computing Support will continue to provide you access to old email via the school’s IMAP servers.

Computing Support recommends that you use one of the campus provided alternate email services and is available to help with the transition.  ICS provides ICS Google Apps, UCI provides several options here:  .

Follow the directions at: to set your new email delivery point. If you will be using a 3rd party provider, choose“other” and specify the email address where your ICS e-mail will be delivered.

ICS Mailman lists

ICS Computing Support provides faculty or staff sponsored mailman based mailing lists related to education, research and administrative functions.

New ad hoc mail lists can be created via OIT's mailman service. More information on the OIT mail lists is available here:

Password Reset via Security questions

Automated password recovery for ICS accounts is available at (available on campus or via vpn only).

You may now use recovery email addresses and security questions when recovering a forgotten password. For new ICS accounts the information will be collected during the account creation process. If you have an existing account you can setup recovery email address and a security question here:

After the above values have been recorded for your account,  you will be able to change the password without coming to our office.  You will be able to change your password once you provide the response to your security question. You can also request a password reset link sent to your recovery email address.  From that link you will be able to change your password.

Wireless in ICS 1st & 3rd Floors

Over the summer, OIT upgraded the wireless access outside CS1 1st & 3rd floor labs following complaints of students not being able to use the wireless networks due to over subscription.
Please inform the helpdesk of issues with the wireless access points.

New Software Packages

Several updated packages were installed in the ICS Software library for 64 bit CentOS 5 and 6.  Each package can be added your Linux shell environment using the ICS module command.  The ICS Software library is available on all ICS Linux hosts under /pkg.

  • R/3.1.0
  • mathematica/9.01.
  • openssh-6.3p1
  • hpnssh-5.9p1
  • OpenCV/2.4.9
  • glog/0.3.3
  • lmdb/20140908
  • boost/1.55
  • python/2.7.8
  • caffe/20140909
  • mysql/5.6.21
  • jdk/8.0_25
  • jdk/7.0_71

Requests for additional software installs should be sent to <>

SGE 8.1.6 (Son of Grid Engine)

SGE is provided to schedule and manage compute jobs on the the ICS clusters. SGE 8.1.6 (Son of Grid Engine)has replaced Sun Grid Engine 6.2u5.   Version 8.1.6 provides improved shadow master support for high availability.

Information regarding grid computing at ICS is available here:

More information on the Sun of Grid Engine project is available here:

All users have been migrated off of the older version and are using 8.1.6. Version 6.2u5 will be turned off permamently at the end of Fall 2014.

Drupal 7 had serious vulnerability

Please be aware that a very serious vulnerability came to light recently regarding Drupal 7.  If you run Drupal 7 you should restore your site from the 15th of October immediately.

Drupal warns unpatched users: Assume your site was hacked.  "Attackers may have copied all data out of your site and could use it maliciously. There may be no trace of the attack." "Simply updating to Drupal 7.32 will not remove backdoors."

Please see Drupals' initial announcment at and follow up here:

The full story is available at

Contacting ICS Computing Support Helpdesk

The ICS Computing Support Group should be contacted by email at  <> and by phone at (949)824-4222.  Normal business hours for the group are from 8am-noon and 1pm-5pm.    Both Helpdesk email and  phone are monitored around the clock and using them will help us provide quicker response to trouble tickets and requests. 

More information about Bren:ICS Computing Support is available at the following URL:

Please Note:  If you believe that there is a problem with email or that an email message to Helpdesk may not be processed by the ICS email servers, please call the help desk at (949)824-4222.

Changes to your ICS Email Account

ICS Google Apps for Education and Gmail accounts are available for all ICS faculty, staff and grads.  Computing Support recommends switching to the ICS Gmail service.

Please visit the following link for more information about the ICS Google Apps program and instructions for setting up your account:

ICS.SYSTEM Announcements (RSS feed available)

Please remember to check the ics.system web site frequently for postings regarding machine down times, software availability and general computing announcements.  The site is available as both a URL and RSS feed. The URL for the site is:

The RSS feed is available at: