Announcements Fall 2015
Fall 2015 Announements

ICS Computing Support  Fall 2015 Announcements

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For future reference, this document will also be available at the following URL:

Copyright Infringement Policy

It is illegal to distribute copyrighted materials, programs, movies, music, and other digital media, without consent of the copyright holder.

If a complaint of copyright infringement is reported involving a computer or IP address assigned to you, your account will be locked until we have a chance to investigate the allegations. If copyrighted materials are found, your adviser (or Graduate Associate Dean) will be notified and you will be counseled regarding the issue. If a second complaint is filed you will be referred to the Dean of Students, and the incident will be recorded in your file permanently. A third complaint will result in a recommendation that you be removed from the program.

Additional information regarding campus copyright policy can be found here:

Email Delivery to

ICS faculty, staff, and graduate students who have not already specified an alternate email delivery point should do so now. ICS Computing Support will eliminate local email delivery and IMAP access to new email. Mail sent to your will be resent to the alternate email delivery point. Spam and virus scanning, space management, and client access to email will be provided by your alternative email provider. ICS Computing Support will continue to provide access to old email via the school's IMAP servers.

Computing Support strongly recommends that you use one of the campus-provided alternate email services and is available to help with the transition. ICS provides ICS Google Apps while UCI provides several options here:

Follow the directions at to set your new email delivery point. If you will be using a 3rd-party provider, choose "other" and specify the email address where your ICS e-mail will be delivered.

Mailman lists

New ad hoc mail lists can be created via OIT's mailman service. More information on the OIT mail lists is available here:

Password Reset via Security Questions / Change It Often

Password recovery for ICS accounts is available at

You may now use recovery email addresses and security questions when resetting a forgotten password. For new ICS accounts, the information will be collected during the account creation process. If you have an existing ICS account, you can specify a recovery email address and a security question here:

After the above values have been recorded for your account, you will be able to change the password without coming to our office. You will be able to change your password once you provide the response to your security question. You can also request a password reset link sent to your recovery email address. You will be able to change your password using that link.

Account credentials are being stolen at a very high rate. Some of the reasons are phishing, brute force attacks, malware, and weak passwords. It is good practice to change your passwords regularly.  Changing your password every 6 months is a good rule of thumb. It is also important to have a strong password:  8+ characters with letters, numbers, change of case, and symbols.  Campus is considering whether to force us to change our UCINetID Passwords once or twice a year.

 ICS Google accounts receive 10TB space

All ICS faculty, staff, and graduate students are encouraged to use ICS Google Apps, a suite of applications which includes:         

  • ICS Gmail - Send and receive email with powerful search options, spam filtering, and chat
  • ICS Google Docs - Publish and collaborate in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Google Drive - Includes 10TB of storage

The suite of ICS Google Apps is hosted online, and the applications are accessible via a web browser from any computer and most mobile devices.  Apps available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android platforms.

Please visit the following link for more information about the ICS Google Apps program and instructions for setting up your account:

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for Personal Use

Microsoft has begun providing Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus to UC Irvine students at no cost thanks to a staff campus agreement program (MCCA). ICS Faculty and staff are also eligible.  Students, faculty, and staff should follow these instructions:

Since the School of Information and Computer Sciences is participating in the Microsoft UC-MCCA software leasing program, you are now eligible to participate in Microsoft's Software
Assurance Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables you to get a licensed copy of Microsoft Office 2013 (Windows) or 2011 (Mac) to install and use on your personally-owned home computer for only $9.95.   Contact for more information.


ICS Computing Support is running a Gitlab test site. Research groups interested in having a managed Gitlab site are encouraged to contact

Gitlab is a web interface to Git, a version control management application similar to SVN.

  • Users can login using their ICS username and password
  • Accounts may be requested for non-ICS users
  • Users may start projects and add other ICS users to them as needed

For more information on Gitlab, please visit

Campus Cyber Security Initiative

Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges

Protect and validate administrative accounts on desktops, laptops, and servers to prevent two common types of attack: (1) enticing users to open a malicious e-mail message, attachment, or file, or to visit a malicious website; and (2) cracking an administrative password and thereby gaining access to a target machine. Use robust passwords.

Two Factor Authentication

Require two-factor authentication for system administration.

Test systems open at the firewall

All systems available from off campus will be scanned for vulnerabilities. If you have a system which is accessible from off-campus locations, please make sure that patches are applied and unneeded services are turned off.

SGE  (Son of Grid Engine)

Information regarding grid computing at ICS is available here:

More information on the Sun of Grid Engine project is available here:

Service Monitoring

Computing Support runs Nagios and Ganglia to monitor ICS-hosted servers and services. The Nagios and Ganglia portals are available at the following URLs using your ICS credentials:

Nagios monitors the availability of servers and services.  Notifications are sent to system administrators when unscheduled outages occur.  Use your ICS login and password when prompted.

Ganglia provides a history of resource utilization over time.
Please send an email message to if you need help with these systems.

MSDNAA becomes Microsoft DreamSpark

DreamSpark, formerly MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA), is a Microsoft program available and provided by ICS, through which ICS students and faculty can acquire licensed copies of Microsoft software such as Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio, and other products. The software can be used in coursework and personal non-commercial projects. Faculty and students may continue to use these products for non-commercial purposes, even after departing/graduating from the school. All free updates to the software, such as security updates and service packs, that are available to everyone through Windows Update, continue for the life of the product. The product keys, however, will not be reissued once the user's affiliation with the school is terminated.

More details can be found at:

MacMail Google Setup

To add new Google Apps account from domains like or via Mail App, please follow the directions here:

  1. To start, choose Enable IMAP.
  2. Once you have enabled IMAP, you should go back to the directions page and follow the instructions for setting up your client, in this case, Apple Mail.
    If you are using Yosemite, do not choose "Google" for the account type when adding your mail account.  Instead, choose "Other" to enter your account manually.  Please enter your address every time you are prompted for your username.
  3. Then verify your connection settings as indicated in the directions page.

Once your account is setup, you should open the activity window to make sure that the system is syncing your mail from Google.

MatLab for UCI Students / Octave on Lab Computers

Matlab version R2014a is available for students to install on personally-owned laptops at no extra cost. The campus student Matlab license was paid by funds made available through UCI student E-Tech fees. For more details, please visit:

Due to drive space limitations and the availability to install on personal systems, MatLab is no longer available on ICS lab computers. Over the past spring and summer, Octave was chosen as a suitable alternative as it provides similar functionality to MatLab and is available for free. More details about Octave can be found at the GNU Octave website:

Contacting ICS Computing Support Helpdesk

The ICS Computing Support Group should be contacted by email at and by phone at (949) 824-4222. Normal business hours for the group are from 8 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm. However, both the Helpdesk email and phone are monitored around the clock. Using them helps us provide a quicker response to trouble tickets and requests.

More information about Bren:ICS Computing Support is available at the following URL:

Please note:  If you believe that there is a problem with email or that an email message to Helpdesk may not be processed by the ICS email servers, please call (949) 824-4222.

ICS.SYSTEM Announcements (RSS feed available)

Please remember to check the ics.system website frequently for postings regarding machine down times, software availability, and general computing announcements. The site is available as both a URL and RSS feed. The URL for the site is:

The RSS feed is available at: