Announcements Winter 2014

ICS Computing Support  Winter 2014  Announcements

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Gitlab Beta Testing

ICS Computing Support is running a Gitlab beta test site.  Research groups interested in having a managed Gitlab site are encouraged to contact <>.

Gitlab is a web interface to Git, a version control management application similar to SVN.

- Users can login using their ICS user name/password
- Accounts may be requested for non-ICS users
- Users may start projects and add other ICS users to them as needed

For more information on Gitlab, please visit

Campus Wide Electrical Power Outage & Central Plant Shutdown

We would like to remind everybody that Facilities Management has scheduled two campus wide electrical power outage in February.
  • Saturday, Feb. 8, 5 a.m.: Transfer to generator power, 30-minute outage
  • Monday, Feb. 10, 5 a.m.: Transfer back to normal power, 30-minute outage
ICS Computing support plans to power down any  non-essential computing in the data center that is not on UPS and backup generator.  This will include most compute clusters and some research storage (/extra storage).   Systems will be powered down beginning on Friday, Feb 7 at noon.  Non critical systems will be brought back up on Monday morning, Feb 10th.

Critical services and services that have UPS and backup generator will remain available during these power outages and throughout the weekend.  Services that will remain available during the weekend include most ICS storage (home directories), web service, database and  mail service.

Additional information is available at:

New Software Packages

Several updated  packages were installed in the ICS Software library for 64 bit CentOS 5 and 6.  Each package can be added your Linux shell environment using the ICS module command.  The ICS Software library is available on all ICS Linux hosts under /pkg.
  • R/3.0.2
  • bison/3.0
  • cmake/
  • gcc/4.8.2
  • java/1.7.0_45
  • flex/2.5.37
  • git/
  • maven/3.1.1
  • maven/3.0.5
  • openssl/1.0.1
  • python/2.7.6 (in process)
  • python/3.3.3 (in process)
  • ruby/2.0.0
  • ruby/2.1.0
Requests for additional software installs should be sent to <>

Contacting ICS Computing Support Helpdesk

The ICS Computing Support Group should  be contacted by email at  <> and by phone at (949)824-4222.  Normal business hours for the group are from 8am-noon and 1pm-5pm.     Both  Helpdesk email and  phone are monitored around the clock and using them will help us provide quicker response to trouble tickets and requests.  

More information about Bren:ICS Computing Support is available at the following URL:

Please Note:  If you believe that there is a problem with email or that an email message to Helpdesk may  not be processed by the ICS email servers, please call the help desk at (949)824-4222. 

Changes to your ICS Email Account 

ICS Google Apps for Education and Gmail accounts are available for all ICS faculty, staff and grads.  Computing Support recommends switching to the  ICS Gmail service.

Please visit the following link for more information about the ICS Google Apps program and instructions for setting up your account:

ICS.SYSTEM Announcements (RSS feed available)

Please remember to check the ics.system web site frequently for postings regarding machine down times, software availability and general computing announcements.  The site is available as both a URL and RSS feed.  The URL for the site is:

The RSS feed is available at: