Announcements Winter 2016
Winter 2016 Announements

ICS Computing Support  Winter 2016 Announcements

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New School File Server

A NetApp was was purchased to replace the aging Hitachi system. The new system's name is cybertron.  Quotas will increase significantly for faculty, staff, and students on the new system.

More information @
Login with ICS Credentials required.

Annual Mandatory UCI Password Change

Starting in January 2016, OIT is will be sending annual password change reminders to faculty, staff, students, and sponsored UCInetID holders who have not changed their UCInetID password in over a year.

The process will be to send out notifications in batches over 30-day periods.  They will send a first reminder after 14 days and a final reminder 14 days after that.   After the final reminder, anyone in that batch who has not changed their password will have their UCInetID reset for re-activation.   OIT will be posting announcements on Zot!Portal and the OIT web sites.   There will be links to the password change page prominently displayed.

For more information, please see  You may also contact the OIT Help Desk (, 949-824-2222) for additional questions.

You can change your ICS Password @

Licenses for Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat

Annually, ICS purchases licenses for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, and Adobe Acrobat.  These can be installed on systems purchased with UCI funds.  They require periodic connectivity to the UCI network to keep the license activated.  Contact for more information.

Check with us before making Technology Purchases

Please check with Computing Support before making Technology Purchases.  We can help clarify solutions, identify resources that are already available to you, and put you in touch with vendors that offer reduced pricing on some software and hardware.

Research Groups: We Want to Touch Base

We would like to meet with each research group.  It would be helpful to us to  learn  how you are using ICS resources and give us a chance to show you what services Computing Support offers.  Please contact helpdesk to arrange for us to attend one of your group meetings in Winter or Spring.

UCI GitHub Enterprise

UCI GitHub Enterprise is available to all Campus Faculty, Student, and Staff.  It is only available on campus.  For more information see

Certificates for ICS Hosts

UC Irvine is participating in the InCommon Certificate program, which allows delegated administrators in campus departments to issue and renew digital certificates used for such purposes as securing web servers run on behalf of their department.  Through the InCommon Certificate program, UC Irvine pays a site fee (sponsored by OIT) and is then entitled to issue unlimited digital certificates through Comodo, a well-established commercial Certificate Authority.  More information about this program is available at  Contact for more information.

Front Door Software Security

OIT has licensed 'Lo-Jack,' software which you may want to consider using to facilitate recovery of lost or stolen mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones.  This service, by a company called Front Door Software, is available to all UC Irvine students, faculty, and staff at no cost.  It is already in use by approximately 1200 people on campus.  There are several features built into the software that can help aid in the recovery of a lost or stolen device. Please see for more information.

Take Attendance with CheckIn

If you need to take attendance for classes or meetings, you can use our web-based tool which is available at  Checking in can be done via cell phone or laptop.  For more information, visit

Keep Instructional Labs Clean

Instructors, please urge your TAs to enforce the "NO FOOD or DRINKS" rule in the Instructional Labs.  The carpet was replaced, and the walls were painted last summer.  We have already had food spills and writing on the walls.  The care for the labs is everyone's responsibility.

Contacting ICS Computing Support Helpdesk

The ICS Computing Support Group should be contacted by email at and by phone at (949) 824-4222.  Normal business hours for the group are from 8 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm.  However, both the Helpdesk email and phone are monitored around the clock. Using these contact methods helps us provide a quicker response to trouble tickets and requests.

More information about Bren:ICS Computing Support is available at the following URL:

Please note:  If you believe that there is a problem with email delivery or that an email message to Helpdesk may not be processed by the ICS email servers, please call (949) 824-4222.

ICS.SYSTEM Announcements (RSS feed available)

Please remember to check the ics.system website frequently for postings regarding machine down times, software availability, and general computing announcements.  The site is available as both a URL and RSS feed. The URL for the site is:

The RSS feed is available at: