Microsoft DreamSpark Error Codes

The following are the most common error codes and possible solutions.  If this page does not help you complete your download, visit CS 364 and ask a Lab Assistant for help.

SDC 00100

Unable to find the source CD (expecting to find a SDC file on a local CD).

SDC 00200

A general error that is typically caused by:
(a) insufficient disk space to unpack, or
(b) a disk error

SDC 00300

Unable to read from media, which is typically caused by the PC being:
(a) unable to connect to network resource (for a Network-Based install), or
(b) unable to read from CD (for a secure CD-based install)

Please note that this is a network connection error only.

SDC 00400

Unable to complete the download, which is typically caused by:
(a) an error in the configuration of the download package, usually due to a bad hosting location
(b) no Internet connection found
(c) Internet connection lost
(d) a firewall or proxy server between the client station and hosting location, or
(e) insufficient disk space to download

SDC 00500

CRC check failed, which can mean that the package is corrupt and unusable. This is typically caused by:
(a) an incomplete transfer
(b) a corruption during transfer, or
(c) a corrupt package on the host server

Error 70072

Install limit has been reached, which is typically caused by:
(a) the customer having attempted to download a product too many times to different folders (it is possible that no downloads have been successful), or
(b) the customer having already successfully downloaded/installed the software, and now wanting to download again

Error 70077

Parameter authorization failure, which typically means that:
(a) no hosting location has been provided on the system for the product, or
(b) the delivery client is corrupt (delete and download again).