Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
»Pierre Baldi
»Rina Dechter
»Charless Fowlkes
»Alexander Ihler
»Richard Lathrop
»Marco Levorato
»Eric Mjolsness
»Babak Shahbaba
»Sameer Singh
»Padhraic Smyth
»Hal Stern
»Erik Sudderth
»Xiaohui Xie

Research in artificial intelligence and machine learning addresses some of the most exciting and challenging problems in computer science today.

How can computers interpret large sets of images without any human supervision? How can algorithms intelligently search the Web and make sense of millions of text documents? What are the fundamental principles that govern systems that perform automated reasoning?

UCI researchers are at the forefront of building the next generation of intelligent systems. Their projects span a broad range of open research problems, combining basic theoretical principles from algorithms, probability, and applied mathematics, with highly visible and interdisciplinary applications in areas such as computer vision, bioinformatics, constraint-based problem solving, text understanding, data mining, smart sensor networks.

For more information please visit the Center for Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems.

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