Algorithms and Complexity

Research Faculty

» Michael Dillencourt
» David Eppstein
» Michael T. Goodrich
» Daniel S. Hirschberg
» Sandy Irani
» Stanislaw Jarecki
» George S. Lueker
» Amelia C. Regan
» Thomas A. Standish
» Vijay Vazirani

Theoretical computer science aims at understanding the mathematical structure of computational problems in order to derive efficient and scalable solutions to those problems.

Bren School faculty members have made significant contributions to many topics in this field, including:

  • Graph algorithms and graph drawing (computing with systems of pairwise interactions between objects such as web page links, protein interactions, or social networks)
  • Computational geometry (computing with planar or spatial data)
  • String and tree algorithms (for indexing and processing large textual and XML documents, and DNA sequence information)
  • Data compression (computationally efficient methods for removing redundancy from stored information)
  • Online algorithms (automated decision making in the face of uncertainty)

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