Computer Graphics and Visualization

»David Eppstein
»Michael T. Goodrich
»Aditi Majumder
»Gopi Meenakshisundaram
»Bill Tomlinson
»Shuang Zhao

Focuses on the field of visual computing that deals with generating/capturing, representing, rendering and interacting with synthetic and real-world images and video. We work on end-to-end solutions from capturing of images and geometry; representing large geometric, image, and video data sets; geometry and image processing; interactive access and rendering of large visual data sets; algorithms for building large area immersive displays for the presentation of visual content; and interaction techniques in both small personal displays and in large displays for collaborative environments.

Current and future research areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing new cameras with advanced capabilities for capturing real-world scenes.
  • Image processing for enhanced visual content quality
  • Computational geometry and graph algorithms for geometry processing
  • Interactive rendering of very large geometric data sets.
  • Ubiquitous displays -- Reconfigurable multi-projector display systems.
  • Interaction techniques for large area displays.
  • Sketch based modeling and interaction for personal displays.

Applications are Internet-based visualization of remotely located complex objects, volume manipulation and visualization, geographic information systems, and simplified 3-D rendering based on 2-D images.

More information:

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