Database Systems
»Pierre Baldi
»Michael J Carey
»Sharad Mehrotra
»Sameer Singh
»Padhraic Smyth
»Alexander Veidenbaum

Research in databases and data mining addresses exciting research challenges related to architectures, index structures, algorithms, models, and performance evaluation of a variety of next-generation databases and information systems and technologies for data mining. Current topics of interest include database systems, data analysis and data cleansing, data warehousing systems, information integration tools, search techniques, scalable data-intensive computing, data sharing, data dissemination, and statistical data mining. Current projects are exploring challenges in the realization of such systems stemming from data volume, complexity, diversity, and heterogeneity, and emerging application needs including privacy and security, mobility, quality of data, quality of service, and reliability and robustness in extreme situations.

More information is available from (for databases and next-generation information systems) and (for data mining).

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