Networked and Distributed Systems

»Ardalan Amiri Sani
»Lubomir Bic
»Michael Dillencourt
»Magda El Zarki
»Scott Jordan
»Ray Klefstad
»Marco Levorato
»Sharad Mehrotra
»Marios Papaefthymiou
»Amelia C. Regan
»Isaac D. Scherson
»Richard Taylor
»Nalini Venkatasubramanian

Applications requiring voice and data, as well as video, are rapidly expanding and future communication services must be able to facilitate a wide variety of diversified services in a practical and easily expandable fashion.

Bren School researchers investigate various issues in the design and analysis of high-speed networks for multimedia applications. They are actively involved in research on computer networks and distributed systems, with the goal of designing, analyzing and implementing communication systems that allow high-speed transport of multimedia information between end-users.

Research collectively addresses a complete view of the communications network, from the network substrate (high-speed networks, ATM networks, wireless networks), to end-to-end protocols support and communication subsystem architectures (Object-Oriented frameworks), to distributed applications (multimedia distance learning applications).

In the area of distributed systems, researchers are developing new programming paradigms for distributed systems based on the principle of autonomous messages, which achieves speed-up through parallel processing, and permits interactive open-ended applications through dynamic functional composition.