Programming Languages and Systems

»Michael Franz
»Ray Klefstad
»Cristina V. Lopes
»Alexandru Nicolau
»Alexander Veidenbaum
»Harry Xu

This research area focuses on "Systems Software," the pervasive software infrastructure that makes the development and use of applications possible, and on the programming languages that are used for creating software. Among the topics being studied are programming languages, compilers, operating systems and networking software.

Research in the Programming Languages and Systems area frequently emphasizes a practical element in addition to theoretical rigor. New ideas are not just studied on paper but implemented as research prototypes, which can then be measured under realistic conditions.

Some of the specific research interests of Bren School faculty in this area include:

  • Program restructuring and transformation techniques for parallelization and distribution

  • Compilers for high-performance computing

  • Web 2.0+ technologies such as AJAX, JavaScript, Python and Ruby
Just-in-time compilation and optimization

  • Mobile code representations, distribution and optimization

  • Cloud computing software infrastructure

  • Memory management
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