Computational Vision research
»Charless Fowlkes
»Wayne B Hayes
»Ramesh Jain
»Aditi Majumder
»Gopi Meenakshisundaram
»Eric Mjolsness
»Erik Sudderth

Research in computer vision lies at the intersection of vision science, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, and image processing. The focus here at UCI includes both theory and applications.

One focus is on the understanding of biological visual systems, including low, mid, and high-level processing. We examine fundamental issues in perception including include boundary detection, perceptual grouping, appearance and shape modeling, and object representation.

We are ultimately interested in the computational mechanisms and principles that govern human visual perception.

We are also interested in computer vision from a system perspective.

Digital media content is widespread in today's society; digital cameras and camcorders are now everywhere. Medical and biological experimentation also produce immense quantities of visual data that cannot be manually processed.

A major challenge that lies ahead is the creation of systems that process, search and manipulate this visual data.

Applications include image search, video surveillance, and biological image analysis.

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