Admissions FAQ
1. Application
How do I apply?

To start an application for admission please visit the following page.

2. Application deadlines

Applications open October 3 and will close on December 15 for the Master of Science and Doctoral programs. All application materials, including exam scores and letters of recommendation, should be received by the final deadline, December 15th. Decisions are generally made late January through April 1st. All of the ICS programs only open applications each fall cycle.

3. GPA requirement
What is the GPA requirement for ICS M.S. and Ph.D. programs?

The University GPA requirement is a 3.0 out of the 4.0 scale. However, if your calculated GPA is lower than a 3.0, you are more than welcome to submit an application. Applicants will be evaluated holistically, which refers to mission-aligned admissions processes that consider applicants’ experiences, attributes, and academic metrics, as well as the value an applicant would contribute to learning, practice, and teaching. Holistic Review allows admissions committees to consider the “whole” applicant, rather than disproportionately focusing on any one factor.

4. GRE requirement
Is the GRE required for M.S. and Ph.D. programs for admission?

Please visit the following page to learn more about the GRE testing requirements for specific programs.

5. English Language Proficiency
Is the TOEFL or IELTS required for admission?

All graduate applicants are required to demonstrate English proficiency for admissions consideration.  Applicants are waived from the English Language Proficiency requirement if they have earned an undergraduate degree from an institution at which English was the sole language of instruction according to the World Higher Education Database (WHED). Please see WHED's instructions on how to search for your institution. If English is not the sole language of instruction listed or if no language is listed at all, the waiver does not apply and the applicant is required to take and pass an approved English proficiency test.  Approved tests and minimum scores are outlined in the next section.   Please view the following link for more information. Any further questions should be forwarded to the Graduate Division at regarding English language proficiency.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The TOEFL iBT or IELTS requirement may be waived for admissions purposes only. International students applying for the Education Ph.D. program are not eligible to be waived from this requirement. If a student will be supported as a Teaching Assistant (TA) by their program, the English language requirement is NOT waived under any circumstances.

6. Transcripts
What transcripts should I include in my application?

Unofficial transcripts from all higher educational institutions you attended, including transfer credit appearing on your transcripts from community colleges or other universities, must be uploaded to your application. Uploaded transcripts should be recent, clear, and officially translated into English. Additionally, it should include the following: your name, dates of attendance, grades/marks received, credits, and grading legend.

7. Applying to multiple programs
May I apply to more than one ICS program?

You can apply to more than one program, however, you cannot apply to different degree levels (Master’s and Ph.D.) for the same program. A separate application, application fee, and uploaded documents are required for each application.

8. Application checklist
What are the required components of my application?
  • Application Fee
  • GRE (please check the requirements of the specific program you're applying)
  • TOEFL or IELTS (if applicable)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • Supplemental Materials
9. Letters of Recommendation
How do I submit letters of recommendation?

Please view the following link on how to submit letters of recommendation.

10. Supplemental Documents
Is the statement of purpose and the personal history statement required for the ICS research programs?

The statement of purpose is required while the personal history statement is optional but highly recommended.

The "statement of purpose" should focus on your academic/research background and interests. The "personal history statement" essay should focus on your personal background and any challenges or obstacles you may have encountered in your academic journey and how you overcame them.

11. Professional vs State-funded Master of Science and Masters programs
What is the difference between professional and state-funded programs?

To view a comparison of our professional and state-funded programs please view the following link.

12. Degree Requirements
What are your programs’ degree requirements?

To learn more about our degree programs’ requirements please visit the UCI Catalogue.

13. Waiver and Transfer of courses/credits
May I transfer credit from a previous degree?

Ph.D students with a previously earned M.S. degree are eligible for a M.S. complete course waiver exception.

14. Part-time eligibility
Am I eligible for part-time status?

Part-time status is possible for domestic students in the M.S. program. However, students should speak to a counselor regarding the option once they start the program. Part-time status is not available for international or Ph.D. students.

15. STEM CPT and OPT
Do ICS programs qualify for the STEM CPT and OPT options?

Yes. F-1 students with degrees in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) may be eligible for CPT, OPT, and an OPT extension. Please consult with the International Center for exact requirement details.

16. Research
Where can I find faculty research areas/interests?

Please visit our ICS Research Areas page to learn about each faculty members’ area of research.

17. Funding
Is funding available for the M.S. and Ph.D. programs?

Please take a look at the following webpage to learn more about different funding opportunities. M.S. students have the opportunity to apply for teaching assistant positions and graduate student researcher positions. We strive to award all PhD admits full funding for the time they are in the program. This may be in the way of a teaching assistantship, graduate student researcher or various other awards.

18. Status Check
How do I check my application status?

You can check the status of your application materials on the online application portal. If your application checklist is complete, but you have not been notified of an admissions decision yet, your application is awaiting a decision.

19. Application Materials Deadline
Can I submit my materials past the deadline?

All application materials, including your exam scores and letters of recommendation, should be received by our final deadline, December 15th. If you are unable to make this deadline, you are welcome to submit your materials as soon as they are available. However, please note that your application cannot be reviewed until all materials have been submitted. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your application will be reviewed if the admissions committee has finalized their admissions decisions for this admissions cycle.

20. Questions
Who can I go to for questions?

For questions regarding application issues please contact

For questions regarding ICS programs including please contact ICS Graduate Counselors at