Graduate Student Policies: Copyright Infringement

Bren School Copyright Infringement Policy

It is illegal to distribute copyrighted materials—such as software, movies, music, pictures—without proper authorization.

If a complaint of copyright infringement is reported involving a computer assigned to a Bren School student, the student's account will be locked out until Bren School support personnel have a chance to investigate the allegations. If copyrighted materials are found, they will be removed immediately.

For the initial complaint (first violation), the Bren School Student Affairs Office (SAO) staff and the appropriate Associate Dean (as well as the academic advisor, for grad students) will be notified.

The student will be required to meet in person with appropriate SAO staff to review applicable campus policies, and to sign a statement verifying receipt and notice of such policies. This signed statement will be placed in the student's file.

For any subsequent complaints, the appropriate Associate Dean, academic advisor (for grad students) and SAO staff will be notified.

The student will then be referred to the campus Director of Student Judicial Affairs for academic suspension (upon second violation) or expulsion from the university(upon third violation).

The above statement is based upon:
Computer Use Policy (Reference to Section 102.05), which includes "Violating the terms of applicable software licensing agreements or copyright laws."