Graduate Student Policies: Graduate Student Review

The ICS Graduate Student Affairs Office, in consultation with the department Vice Chairs and the Associate Dean, conducts an annual, formal review of all graduate students enrolled in an ICS graduate program. The Department of Informatics conducts a review in Fall and Spring quarters. The Bren School Graduate Office, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, and the student’s advisor review each student’s progress.

In order to maintain satisfactory academic progress, all graduate students must:

  • retain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • pass all required and elective courses with a grade of B or better
  • not have more than two (2) “I” grades (Incompletes) on your transcript
  • pass all oral exams in a timely manner
  • meet published timelines for completion of the degree
  • meet deadlines and requirements imposed on them as individual students

Ph.D. students, in addition to the above, must also:

  • affiliate with a primary research advisor by the end of the first year and remain affiliated with an advisor throughout your tenure as a student (Ph.D. students onl
  • meet the requirements to qualify as a teaching assistant, including demonstrating English proficiency, by the specific date mentioned in your funding letter
  • make adequate progress in research and/or creative work as determined by the department faculty
  • not have two consecutive cautionary letters resulting from formal departmental reviews
If unsatisfactory progress is being made, a letter of probation is sent to the student and placed in their file. The probation period varies, depending on the individual’s situation. If the problem is not cleared during the probation period, the Bren School Graduate Office may recommend to the UCI Graduate Division that the student be dismissed from the program.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the Bren School Graduate Office is aware that a problem has been cleared during the probation period.