Graduate Student Policies: Grading Standards

Grades are available from the Registrar’s Office (fees apply for copies of official transcripts; unofficial transcripts are free of charge) or through Student Access. It is the student’s responsibility to check grades at the end of each quarter.

Traditional grades (A, B, C, etc…)

Students are expected to maintain a B average (this is an absolute requirement if on a fellowship—GSR, TA, GAANN, etc.). In order to receive graduation credit, students must earn a grade of B or better in all required courses, core courses and breadth courses. A grade of B- or below does not have to be improved and can remain on the transcript if that grade is not going to be counted toward graduation requirements.

Pass/No Pass

P/NP is for undergraduate students only. Graduate students must receive a letter grade to pass a course. Graduate students should not sign up for a course P/NP.


S/U is for graduate courses only and is considered to be a letter grade. Faculty can assign an S/U instead of an A, B, C, etc. Students are responsible for asking the instructor if they can receive the S/U option instead of an A, B, C, etc. at the beginning of the quarter. Please keep in mind that the S grade is equal to a B or better and the U grade is equal to a B- or below. A student who receives a U grade will have to repeat the course if it is going to count towards degree requirements.


The “I” grade is reserved for occasions when a student’s work is satisfactory but is incomplete because of circumstances beyond the student’s control, and when the student has been excused in advance from completing the quarter’s work. Students may ask the instructor to assign an “I,” but it may or may not be granted. If granted, a student has up to three quarters to complete the work. If the work is not completed and a grade has not been assigned after three quarters, the “I” will turn to an F. Once the work has been completed, the instructor must turn in a grade change report to change the “I” into a letter grade. The student should check Student Access often to confirm that the grade has been changed.

Graduate Division will not continue to approve employment for a student who has more than two Incompletes on their transcript.

No Report

NR means no grade was reported. This can be the result of a variety of reasons:

  • The faculty member did not turn the grades in on time
  • The faculty member does not recognize the student’s name on the class roster
  • The faculty member turned in the wrong grade
  • The course’s grade roster was unreadable

An NR will turn into an F after one quarter. Students who receive an NR should talk to their instructor immediately. The professor will need to complete a grade change report.