Graduate Student Policies: UC Policy on Sexual Harassment
Effective December 14, 2004, the Office of the President issued a revised University of California Policy on Sexual Harassment and associated Procedures for Responding to Reports of Sexual Harassment.

These policies cover all members of the University community, including faculty and other academic personnel, staff employees, students, and non-student or non-employee participants in University programs.

Revisions to the policy include an updated definition of sexual harassment, clarification of the University's obligation to respond promptly and effectively to reports of sexual harassment, provisions for training employees and educating the University community regarding sexual harassment, and a statement that the policy shall be implemented in a manner that recognizes principles of free speech and academic freedom.

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity has developed local policy and guidelines that implement the system wide procedures and address consensual relationships.

These supersede the previous UCI Policy on Sexual Harassment:

Section 700-17: Guidelines for Sexual Harassment Complaint Resolution

Section 700-16: Policy on Conflicts of Interest Created by Consensual Relationships

The University of California Policy on Sexual Harassment can be found here.

All documents can be accessed through the Sexual Harassment Officer website at