Sponsored Internship Program

What it is:
The Sponsored Internship Program serves as a cost-effective recruitment tool for highly qualified IT professionals.

How it works:

  1. Participating companies submit criteria for desired internship. They then receive background information on Bren School students who have expressed interest in company internships.
  2. Companies rank the students whose credentials best match their employment needs, while students rank the sponsoring companies in a similar fashion.
  3. Bren School personnel review these two sets of rankings and make matches that best reflect the interests and needs of both parties.
  4. Companies interview the candidate/s and, should the match be mutually agreeable, offer a paid internship during the summer and/or academic year, as well pay for the student’s fees.
  5. The financial terms of the internship are negotiated directly between the student and the sponsoring company.

For additional information, please contact Kristin Huerth, Associate Director of External Relations, at (949) 824-3074 or khuerth@uci.edu.