Sponsor a Project Class

The Informatics Department in the Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at UC Irvine runs project courses in two sizes: one-quarter and three-quarters. We are looking for project sponsors.

Informatics projects involve using good software engineering processes interlaced with human centered methods to build and install something useful for you. Projects include different types of sources and sponsors ranging from corporate projects to university based, community-driven, non-profit or entrepreneurial projects. Project implementations range from web applications and portals to online services, cloud computing, ipad, iphone and mobile applications.

One-Quarter Project Class
Currently our one-quarter class is held during different times of the year, and is determined by enrollment. If you are interested, please contact us so that we can put you on the wait list for the class. The sponsorship amount for this project class is $4,500.

Three-Quarter Project Class
Each year we offer our three-quarter class starting in spring quarter and ending in winter quarter of the following year. If you are interested, project proposal deadlines are due six weeks prior to the starting of class. The sponsorship amount for this project class is $12,500.


For more information contact:

Informatics 117 – Software System Design (One-Quarter Project)
Professor Hadar Ziv at ziv@ics.uci.edu

Informatics 132 – HCI & User Interface (One-Quarter Project)
Professor Alfred Kobsa at kobsa@uci.edu

Informatics 191 – Senior Design Project: Usability Engineering & Software Development (Three-Quarter Project)
Professor Judith Olson at jsolson@uci.edu
Professor Hadar Ziv at ziv@ics.uci.edu