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Sponsor a Project Class

The Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences (ICS) offers real-world project courses for select undergraduate and graduate programs that are driven by projects provided by outside sponsors – corporations, government organizations, educational institutions, or nonprofits. Guided by the instructor and leveraging best practices that we teach throughout our programs, these projects tend to focus on the design and implementation of applications, but also may involve technology assessments or other work related to understanding and advancing how people live, work and build in a digital world. Projects frequently tie in to modern technological trends, developing new web applications and portals, online services, cloud computing and tablet and mobile applications. At the same time, quite a few of our sponsors wish to explore new ideas or business opportunities concerning their proprietary products, which is equally encouraged.

Take the Next Steps in Sponsoring a Project Class Now:

» Review our Capstone/Student Design Project Overview

» Submit our Student Design Project Planning Form (which provides an initial description of your proposed student design project)

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