What alumni accomplish in life with a Bren School degree continues to surprise even us


A Bren School education prepares you for a broad range of careers, and not just in computing. Our alumni work at companies as diverse as Pixar, IBM, Yahoo, NASA, Microsoft, Google, Deloitte and Touche, Unisys, Accenture, Merrill Lynch, Blizzard, Broadcom, and many other world-renowned organizations, and have job titles such as Computer Forensic, Business Systems Architect, Software Architect, Development Manager, Digital Advertising Strategist, Attorney, Spiritual Counselor, Chief Technology Officer, IT Director, Product Manager, Software Engineer, Programmer/Analyst, and Consultant.

Our courses provide a strong foundation for a career of lifelong learning, preparing you with core knowledge and skills upon which you will continue to expand your abilities throughout your career.

Many of our students combine a Bren School major with a minor from across the campus (e.g., English, Psychology, Philosophy, Educational Studies, Economics, Chemistry, Studio Art, Digital Arts, Civic and Community Engagement, to name a few) to uniquely position them for the career of their choice.

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