What alumni accomplish in life with a Bren School degree continues to surprise even us

Graduate School

Some students aspire to attend graduate school to pursue an advanced degree after completion of their B.S. program. They may wish to enroll in a M.S. program to take more in-depth classes to further hone their skills in certain topics, or enter a Ph.D. program to prepare themselves for a future career in academic or industrial research. Some students, too, enroll at a professional school to earn a MBA or Law degree.

Bren School students have an excellent record in this regard, with our alumni succeeding at such prestigious institutions as Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Tech, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, and others. Our honors program and the many research opportunities that are available have proven invaluable to successfully transition to graduate school.

how to get into graduate school How to get into graduate school

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