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Our broad selection of majors lets you be as specialized or general as you like

Undeclared Pre-Major

New freshmen who want to explore their interests in computer science and information technology before committing to a specific major may apply as ICS Undeclared.

This option gives freshmen all the benefits of being a Bren School student. An academic counselor will help you structure a first-year course plan that meets your interests and includes a core set of lower-division computer science and math courses common to all the majors. You'll learn what the Bren School majors are like and will transfer into a specific major before the start of your second year.

Note that students interested in the Computer Science and Engineering degree program are strongly encouraged to start as a CSE major at the time they enter UCI, as the major is highly structured.

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Did you know?
According to CNBC, of the top 10 highest paying bachelor’s degrees in 2010, the Bren School offers three of them? See the complete list here.

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