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A Bren School education provides you with more than just course work

Applied Learning

Standing room only at project presentations

Our majors are structured so you actually apply what you learn as part of the educational experience. Every major includes a number of capstone project courses throughout the years.

Project courses have several lecture courses as prerequisites, so you enter knowing the basics of the subject matter and can concentrate on advanced issues under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

By virtue of often addressing real world problems, Bren School capstone project courses touch upon a wide spectrum of possible domains. Past students have had the opportunity to learn to specify, design, and develop computer-based systems comprised of software and/or hardware in such domains as:

  • aerospace
  • artificial intelligence
  • biomedical
  • business finance
  • education
  • entertainment
  • environment
  • games
  • health care
  • internet
  • law
  • management
  • manufacturing
  • non-profit
  • pharmacology

Many of our extensive network of affiliated companies participate as host sites for student teams in project courses. These school-industry partnerships often provide rich internship and career opportunities for graduates, who frequently report that capstone courses were the highlights of their time at UCI and made the critical difference in preparing them with a skill set that got them their first jobs.

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