ICS Petitions
Petition Purpose/ Examples
Undergraduate Student Petition
  • To request course substitution or waiver
  • To request credit for major or general education courses taken at a college for which there is no articulation agreement
  • To waive residence requirement
  • To request exception to an administrative decision, policy or deadline
Note: Supporting documentation may be required

Request DegreeWorks Update

Attach this DegreeWorks Update form to your email

  • To add or delete minor(s)
  • To clear Category VI Language other than English requirement
  • To clear Category VIII International/Global Issues
  • To apply study abroad courses to your degree audit
  • To apply transfer courses to your degree audit

Declare Major Specialization or Track

  • To apply specialization or track to your degree audit
  • If you need help choosing, refer to the UCI Catalogue

Note: Computer Science students: If you entered UCI in Fall 2015 or after, you may declare 1 specialization only.  If you entered UCI in Fall 2014 or prior, you may declare up to 2 specializations.

Computer Game Science and Informatics students may declare only one track.

Online Prerequisite Clearing Request

If course prerequisite(s) were satisfied via any of the following ways:

  • AP exam credit
  • Transfer school credit for a course prerequisite
  • Access UCI credit for a course prerequisite
  • Course credit by student petition for a course prerequisite
  • Credit by Exam

Request Excess Units

  • To request enrollment up to 20 units before the 18-unit enrollment limit lifts.
  • Most recent quarterly and cumulative GPA must be 3.0 or higher
  • Excess units are not intended to increase waitlist options. Only submit requests if you plan on taking more than four classes

Request Excess ACCESS/Extension Units

Fill out and submit Excess Units form to ICS Student Affairs for authorization

  • To request enrollment of more than 8 units of ACCESS/Extension courses

Request Syllabus Review

Attach this Syllabus Review form to your email

  • Request credit for a course taken at a different institution.

Part-Time Study

Form available at Registrar's office or ICS Student Affairs

Must meet one of these conditions: 

  • Work 20 or more hours a week
  • Have negative health condition
  • Have significant family responsibilities


» The "Dean's Signature"

The Dean's Signature may be obtained at the Bren ICS Student Affairs Office.

Counselors are authorized to provide Dean's review and signature in all instances involving LATE add/drop/change of grading option requests done via the on-line Enrollment Exceptions system, and on other student-related forms issued by the Registrar's Office or other administrative offices.