New Non-International Freshmen

To Complete by May 31:

1.  CompleteAnteater Zot Start”

Note: You must complete this tutorial BEFORE you can make a reservation for academic orientation.

2.  Sign Up For Your Placement Exams Immediately

Exams for Your Major

  • Go to the UCI Testing Office website to learn which exams you must take for your major.
  • Take the exams before June 30, if possible.
  • We will need your exam results to determine what your Fall courses should be.
  • The AWPE exam takes a few weeks to grade. Take it ASAP.

We need your placement exam scores in order to help you register for classes. Without this information, you won’t get a schedule when we meet and you won't enroll in your classes.

  • Determine if you need to take the ICS 31 Credit by Exam. (optional)
  • If so, take this exam at least 2 weeks before your orientation date. Exam dates below. Sign ups will take place soon.
3. Sign Up For Mandatory Summer Orientation

Be prepared to sign up for the mandatory summer orientation when your registration window opens. During orientation, in addition to helping you select and register for your Fall quarter courses, you will learn more about ICS and the university as a whole.

  • What to bring on day of academic advising?
    • Photo ID
    • Pen
    • Paper
    • UCInetID and password

4. Hold on Record

Please note that you have an "advising hold" on your record. This will be removed during orientation.

Next, Review and Take Note:

4. Read the New Student Handbook

Get info about finances, academic info, student success, transportation, involvement opportunities, and more. This is the place to find everything you need to know

5. Check In With Your Admissions Counselor

Visit the Message Center at your UCI Applicant Portal homepage. You will be sent a message about any missing documents/transcripts or if they have placed a hold on your record.

  • July 1: Deadline to submit official transcripts to Admissions. 
  • July 15: Deadline to submit official test scores.
  • An admissions hold may prevent you from attending orientation.

6. ICS Laptop Recommendations

Purchase a laptop if you do not already own one. Our website has recommended laptop specs posted. Students in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences will be required to own a personal laptop for coursework. 

7. UCI Welcome Week

  • Exact dates coming soon!

8. Learn how to enroll in classes

9. Activate your ICS lab account during orientation.

  • Photo ID required during orientation.

10.Review your academic information.

 Your Completed Tasks

by May 1:

1. Activate your UCInetID

  • Your UCInetID can be found on the top of your UCI Applicant Portal
  • Action item: write down your UCInetID and password, and bring it with you to your summer orientation. You will need it to register for classes.

2. Submitted your campus housing application

  • Contact the UCI Student Housing office if you did not submit the housing application, but would like to see if housing is still available. 

3. Checked your “MyAid” file

  • Please make sure you check your “MyAid” file to verify the status of your application.
  • Register with your email spam checker / safe list to ensure that you successfully receive emails from the UCI Financial Aid Office.  This will ensure you don’t miss email notification regarding your financial aid deadlines and file status.