ICS Minors

A minor is an established set of courses which together take a student beyond the introductory level in an academic field, subject, and/or discipline. They are a way to pursue a focused study in an additional subject that complements your major, career goals, or is an area of personal interest.

A minor in the computer science field, for instance, can help prepare students for a profession, career, or academic pursuit in which computer science is an integral part but is not the primary focus.


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» Adding/Declaring a Minor

Most minors, including all minors within Bren ICS, do not need to be officially declared. However, a few minors at UCI do have specific declaration procedures. Students should speak with a counselor or peer advisor in the School of their intended minor to clarify any questions about the process and requirements.

Some major/minor combinations are not allowed. This applies to some ICS programs, and is outlined in this Majors and Minors Restriction Chart.

To have the minor added to your degree audit, notify your academic counselor in the School of your major. To officially receive a minor, you must successfully pass all the requirements and you must list it on your Application for Graduation.

Important details to note:

Pass/Not Pass and Minor Requirements

    • No more than two courses may be taken P/NP and applied to any minor on campus.

School of ICS Majors

    • Any major in Business Information Management, Computer Science, Computer Game Science, Data Science, Game Design and Interactive Media, Informatics, Information and Computer Science, or Software Engineering may take any approved minor (see chart) in the Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, provided that they take a minimum of five courses toward the minor that do not count toward any other ICS major or minor.