Science electives for CSE major

The science elective must be taken at UCI if the student is currently enrolled at UCI.

Below are the approved courses that satisfy the science elective requirement for CSE majors. Please note there are two science elective restrictions students must keep in mind when selecting an elective course.

1.) The material covered in the course cannot substantially repeat the material covered in the Computer Science and Engineering core courses (e.g., a computing for physics majors course from the Department of Physics and Astronomy would not be approved.)

2.) Courses should primarily focus on understanding or applying scientific principles (e.g., a writing course offered by the School of Biological Sciences whose main focus was on writing would not be approved.)

Pre-approved Science Electives

Biological Sciences
» All Biological Sciences courses except those numbered 1-93, 142, and 189-199 are pre-approved science electives.

» All Chemistry courses except those numbered 1P, 5, H90 and 190-199 are pre-approved science electives.

Earth System Science
» All Earth System Science courses except those numbered 1, H90 and 190-199 are pre-approved science electives.


All Physics courses except those numbered 2, 3A-B-C, 15-21, 50, 53, H90, 120, 125A-B, 129 and 190-199 are pre-approved science electives.

Remedial courses such as Physics 2, "Introduction to Mathematical Methods for Physics", and Chemistry 1P, "Preparation for General Chemistry", will not count toward the basic science requirement for the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) degree.

Students may petition for alternate courses, and individual and group study (198, 199) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with the submission of an Individual Study Proposal.

Faculty and advisors are encouraged to report suspect courses to the CSE Steering Committee, as content changes and course introductions may affect the list above.