Honors program application

Please be sure you have reviewed the program details and eligibility requirements before applying.

Please submit your Bren School of ICS Honors Application by noon on Monday June, 1st.

Please inform your 2 Bren School faculty references that they must access the reference form via the Bren School faculty intranet and submit it by June 1.

For further information, please contact the Bren School Student Affairs office at (949) 824-5156, or send email to ucounsel@uci.edu.

Bren School Honors Program Application (all fields required)
First Name

Last Name
Student ID
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Overall G.P.A.

Overall G.P.A. Group 1 Course options:

CS, ICS major: ICS 21, 22, 23 51, 52
CSE major: CSE 21, 22, 23, 25, 31
Informatics major: Informatics 41, 42, 43, 44

Overall G.P.A. Group 2 Course options:

CS, ICS major:Math 6D or 6A, or ICS 6D or 6A Math 6G or 6C, or Math 3A
CSE major: same as above
Informatics major:
Informatics 101, 111, 121, 131
Have you completed lower-division writing?
Yes No
Are you a member of the Campuswide Honors Program?
Yes No
Please list 2 Bren School faculty references
Please write a one-page statement about yourself, your intellectual achievements, accomplishments and goals. You may wish to indicate any research projects (ICS 199) you have been actively involved in and explain why you should be a consideration for the ICSHP.