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Step 2: Honors Seminar (ICS H197)

ICS H197 provides an opportunity for the Bren School’s undergraduate honors students to learn about the research taking place in the school and to begin to get involved with this research. The main purpose of this course is to help you learn what sort of research is being conducted, which people do what, and how to get connected with a research project.

Several types of meetings are planned for this seminar, including the following:

  • We will meet with you to give you an overview of the program.
  • Many of the faculty will give a presentation about their research interests.
  • We may have other visitors, such as a panel of current ICS Honors Program students, a panel of graduate students, etc.
  • We will ask students in the class to talk about research projects they are investigating.

One of your major goals in this course is to gain an understanding of what research is being pursued in the school and what areas might be of interest to you for your project. This is crucial, since it should help you complete your second goal: selection of your faculty advisor. Remember that the arrangement must be mutually acceptable, so there is no guarantee that the first faculty member you talk to will say yes; it may be, for example, that they have no suitable project in mind at the time you ask.

Students are encouraged to enroll in the seminar prior to doing their research, so that they may connect with potential faculty advisors.

Enrolling in ICS H197

In order to enroll in ICS H197, please follow instructions for submitting an application when available. Students admitted into the ICS Honors Program will be emailed an authorization code along with their notice of admission.