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Step 3: Finding a Faculty Advisor and Taking CS H198

To complete the honors program, you must take two quarters of independent, supervised work (CS H198 or In4matx H198) with your faculty advisor. (In some cases, your advisor might ask you to take a graduate course to substitute for the first quarter.)

You are responsible for making contact with faculty members to discuss their research and for finding a faculty advisor. We require you to make at least three contacts every quarter until you have found an advisor and have submitted the “Initial Plan” (see Forms Page).

Until the “Initial Plan” has been submitted, you must submit a “Faculty Contact Report” (see Forms Page) to the ICS Student Affairs Office shortly after the end of each quarter. This gives a one-paragraph summary of the faculty contacts you have made in the previous quarter (at least three). This requirement begins the quarter you take ICS H197.

To make a faculty contact, you must do the following:

  1. Review the faculty profiles to determine their research interest.
  2. Call or email in advance, ask for any background reading material, and schedule an appointment.
  3. Read the background material, if any, and possibly make a trip to the library to find out more about the general area.
  4. Show up for the interview prepared with a list of points about the research area that you find interesting, and a list of questions about the area that you would like to know more about.
  5. After the interview, send a thank-you note, thanking the faculty member for their time.

It is important not to be discouraged if your first few contacts don’t result in finding an appropriate faculty advisor. Keep trying. You can improve your chances by first doing even more background reading in the area before you talk to a faculty member, so that you appear to be interested and informed. You can also improve your chances by talking to a wider variety of faculty members, which will expose you to a wider range of research possibilities. Do be sensitive to their time constraints; don’t be a bother, but do be persistent.

CS H198 Credit

Students majoring in CS can count completion of two CS H198s (or In4matx H198) as one upper-division elective and project course.

Students majoring in GDIM can count completion of two CS H198s (or In4matx H198) as two upper-division electives.

BIM, CGS, CSE, DS, INF, SE: Under review