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Step 4: Start Your Research

Once you find a faculty advisor, develop a plan for how you will begin to tackle the research. Then fill out the “Initial Plan” form (see Forms Page). In some cases, your plan might be a program of study at first, rather than a description of your specific project. In any case, a brief description of your plans and goals should be included.

This should be approved by both you and you faculty advisor, and submitted to the program advisor. You are encouraged to discuss your plans, as they are forming, with the program advisor.

It is important for you to maintain contact with your faculty advisor, and to make sure you know whether he/she feels that your work is progressing adequately. As an extreme example, you want to avoid a situation in which you don’t talk to your advisor after your first meeting, turn in a paper after two quarters of CS H198 (or In4matx H198), and then find that the advisor considers it to be inadequate. To help avoid pitfalls, schedule regular meetings with your advisor to discuss your progress.