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Step 5: Completing the Program

The results of your honors work as an ICSHP participant must be certified by your faculty advisor and by the program advisor to be of honors quality.

NOTE: Students in the Campus Honors Collegium (CHC) should keep in contact with CHC counselors about requirements for completion, as they may differ from ICSHP requirements.

At the end of your second quarter of independent study with your faculty advisor, you should prepare a paper describing the project and the results. Again, the format may vary considerably from one project to another. For example, one student might produce a well-documented program to be used in a lab in one of our courses, and also provide a paper describing the design choices, rationale and experience with the use of the program. Another student might not do any programming, but rather do a statistical study of the use of computers in some organization, and write a careful scholarly interpretation of the results (perhaps 20 pages) with appropriate references to the literature.

After the paper is complete, please follow these steps:

  1. Have your faculty advisor sign the “Final Report on the Honors Project” form (see Forms Page)
  2. Bring the form, as well as your paper, to the program advisor for his/her signature
  3. Submit your paper and the form with both signatures to the ICS Undergraduate Student Affairs Office (SAO).

The normal submission deadline is June 30. If you need more time to complete the paperwork, please make arrangements with the ICS SAO office well in advance.

Once the paper is approved by your faculty advisor and the form is signed by both the faculty and the program advisors, you are considered to have successfully completed the ICSHP. If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to discuss them with the program advisor or an SAO staff member.