ICS Honors Program

The ICS Honors Program (ICSHP) provides an opportunity for students in any of the Bren School’s majors to carry out a research project under the direction of a Bren School faculty member.

Step 1 – Course Requirements

Students joining the program participate in the Bren School Honors Seminar (ICS H197), which provides an introduction to research areas in the school. ICS H197 is graded Pass/Not Pass, and the principal formal requirement is that you attend and participate. Students who are in the ICSHP are required to enroll in ICS H197 in the fall of their first year in the ICSHP.

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Step 2: Honors Seminar (ICS H197)

ICS H197 provides an opportunity for the Bren School’s undergraduate honors students to learn about the research taking place in the school and to begin to get involved with this research. The main purpose of this course is to help you learn what sort of research is being conducted, which people do what, and how to get connected with a research project.

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Step 3: Finding a Faculty Advisor and Taking ICS H198

To complete the honors program, you must take two quarters of independent, supervised work (CS H198, INF H198, or STATS H198) with your faculty advisor. (In some cases, your advisor might ask you to take a graduate course to substitute for the first quarter.)

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Step 4: Start Your Research

Once you find a faculty advisor, develop a plan for how you will begin to tackle the research. Then fill out the “Initial Plan” form (see Forms Page). In some cases, your plan might be a program of study at first, rather than a description of your specific project. In any case, a brief description of your plans and goals should be included.

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Step 5: Completing the Program

The results of your honors work as an ICSHP participant must be certified by your faculty advisor and by the program advisor to be of honors quality.

NOTE: Students in the Campus Honors Program (CHP) should keep in contact with CHP counselors about requirements for completion, as they may differ from ICSHP requirements.

Completion of the ICS Honors Program entails the following:

  1. Completion of ICS H197,
  2. Completion of a minimum of two quarters' honors research (H198) with an ICS faculty advisor,
  3. Submission of a research thesis approved the ICS faculty advisor and ICS Honors Program faculty advisor to the ICS Student Affairs Office.
  4. Once verified by the ICS Student Affairs Office:
    1. CS majors will receive one CS project course credit toward their degree requirements,
    2. BIM, CGS, CSE, DS, GDIM, INF, and SE majors may petition for one upper-division major elective credit.

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