CS 199 / IN4MATX 199 Courses

Only Informatics majors may use CS 199 or IN4MATX 199 courses to complete upper div elective requirements.

  • Informatics majors with the Organizations and Information Technology (OIT) track are allowed to use CS 199 courses (IN4MATX 199 courses are not allowed).
  • Informatics majors with the Health Informatics (HI) track are eligible to use IN4MATX 199 courses or CS 199 courses.
  • Informatics majors with the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) track are not eligible to use either.

» To receive credit for 199

Students who wish to take a 199 independent study course to apply it toward their degree requirements must adhere to the following:

  • The 199 course must be at least 4 units.
  • Student must submit an undergraduate student petition for consideration to the Informatics department Vice Chair, with the following information:
    • Unit value of the 199 independent study
    • Instructor name
    • A description of the independent study work

*Please note that petitions are reviewed on a case by case basis and approval may not be granted.
*Only one 199 course may be used toward degree requirements.

» To enroll in 199

  • Research which faculty you would like to work with by using the Research Areas page.
  • Contact the faculty and express your interest in working with them.  If the faculty agrees to work with you:
    • Clarify what type of work is expected of you
    • Ensure that the amount and type of work you do warrants the enrollment of 4 units.
    • Ask for the authorization code to enroll in their 199