Undergraduate Student Policies

Account Allocation


Most computing in the Bren School is done on either UNIX based Sun workstations or on Windows based PCs. These machines have various uses -- research, departmental administration, undergraduate instruction, graduate instruction -- but all are networked together and share a common file space.

In particular, no matter which departmental computer you use, either Windows or Sun, you will use the same account with the same home directory.

All Bren School majors receive both UNIX and Windows accounts. Non-major students receive accounts only if the Bren School course they are enrolled in requires an account on a particular platform.

There are directions for activating instructional accounts on-line at Activating Instructional Accounts and in the CS 364 lab.

Bren School majors and other students enrolled in certain Bren School courses have access to a variety of computers in several labs.

These machines allow you to: read and send e-mail, read announcements for your classes through newsgroups, and complete classwork programming assignments.

Unless you are involved in research, these computers in the instructional labs are the only machines you will be able to use.

If you do become involved in research with a faculty member she may decide to give you access to her machines.

You can check out the Lab Hour and Lab Equipment for more information.

  • Expiration - Expiration dates for accounts are taken from enrollment data provided by the Registrar. When an account is about to expire, an automated email notice is sent.

    In the normal course of events, if you are a Bren School major your account will be automatically extended and you will never see such messages.

    Non-Bren School majors will receive these messages as their accounts are opened and closed each quarter depending on course enrollment. If you continue to enroll in a Bren School course, your account will reactivate automatically.

    If the Registrar does not list you, or you fail to enroll on time, you will be sent one of these notices. If you receive a notice in error, contact helpdesk@ics.uci.edu.
  • Quotas - Your quota is the amount of disk space you are allowed to use. Undergraduate students get a quota of 100 MB. For information on how to check your quota, please see Account Quota.
  • Please Note - When contacting support, please include your Bren School login and student ID number to facilitate the processing of your request. If you change your name or student ID number, you need to notify helpdesk@ics.uci.edu. Otherwise, your account may be automatically locked or your quota removed because of the way the registrar's system works.

For general information about what support offers undergraduate students see Student Information.


Any data on the Bren School network filer TRON have the snapshot ability available for self restore. Snapshots retain data for 30 days.

To request something be restored from backups, please contact computing support.