Undergraduate Student Policies

Disciplinary Procedures

What happens if you violate any of the rules on ethical computer use? It depends on the seriousness of the offense, but could be one or more of the following. Disciplinary procedures and sanctions will be consistent with those outlined in the UCI Implementation of "Interim Policies and Procedures Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students, Part A."

    1. You may have to meet with the chair of the Computing Resources Committee (CRC), the Dean of the Bren School, or the manager of the Bren School Support Group to discuss abuse of computing resources.

    1. Your account may be locked. (Again, we recognize an obligation to respect your rights as well. No student account will be locked without discussion and approval of the Dean of the Bren School, or the chair of the CRC, except in the case of security violations. It would not be ethical for us to lock your account capriciously; for example, we agree not to lock it simply because you send a message to a bboard expressing disagreement with some Department policy or action.)

    1. For minor infractions, some form of departmental services (e.g., cleaning a lab) may be requested in exchange for unlocking the account.

    1. For offenses involving abusing computing resources, cheating on course related work, or preventing others from working on assignments, your grade may be lowered in the class or you may receive a failing grade.

    1. For severe offenses, or repeating minor offenses, you may lose access to all Bren School computing facilities for a period of time. Access to computing can be denied for a limited time (e.g., one week, the remainder of the quarter, an entire quarter) or permanently.

    1. You may be suspended or dismissed from the University.

  1. In serious cases, your name and a description of the violation may be reported to the police. California Penal Code Section 502 makes certain computer abuses a crime, and penalties can range up to a $10,000 fine and up to three years in prison.