Undergraduate Student Policies

Grading Policies

All Bren School and Major requirements must be taken for a letter grade unless the required course is designated as “P/NP Only”.

» Calculating your GPA

The Official UC GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of Grade Points by the total number of Attempted UC Units.

Letter Grade Grade Points
A 4 points per unit
B 3 points per unit
C 2 points per unit
D 1 points per unit
F and I (incomplete) 0 points per unit

A+ grade is assigned 4 points per unit.

Plus or minus suffixes modify the above by plus or minus 0.3 grade point per unit. E.g., B+ is 3.3 points per unit, D- is 0.7 points per unit.

Non-letter grades (P, NP, I, etc.) are excluded in calculating GPA.

Example: A student takes the following courses and receives the grades:

Course Units Grade Received Grade Points Total Grade Points





















Total Grade Points (36.0) = 3.0 GPA

Total Units Passed with Letter Grade (12)

» Pass/No Pass

The P/NP grading option may be used for courses that count toward the 180 unit requirement for the Bachelor's degree, and toward the General Education Requirement.

No more than two P/NP courses may be applied to any minor on campus.

  • An average of 4 units may be taken P/NP per quarter
  • No more than 12 units TOTAL of Pass/No Pass ONLY may be applied towards graduation requirements during your undergraduate career.
  • “Pass” is equal to grade of C or better.
  • “Not Pass” is equal to a grade of C- or below.
  • All courses counting towards major requirements must be taken for a letter grade. 

Detailed information can be found in the General Catalogue.

» Illegal Duplication of Credit

Undergraduate and graduate students may not receive unit credit or earn grade points for college courses in which the content duplicates material of a previously completed course or examination for which the student has been granted college credit.

» Repeating Deficient Grades

A course may be repeated only when grades of C-, D+, D, D-, F, or NP were received. Unit credit for courses so repeated will be given only once.

The grade assigned at each enrollment shall be permanently recorded.

Only the most recently received grades and grade points shall be used for the first 16 units repeated when calculating GPA. (The grade point average is based on all additional grades assigned in cases of further course repetitions.)